Why a georgias unclaimed asset may be worth $300 million

A georgiacounty property may have a value of more than $300,000.

A couple who bought a parcel in a coastal county just outside Atlanta has decided to use the land for a beach resort and amusement park, but they are not selling any of the land.

It’s a $300-million gem, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The property is owned by the Cobb County Land Commission and was purchased by a couple named Jim and Lisa Smith, who bought it in 2009 for $600,000 in cash.

They are planning to make it a golf course and a resort, but will not sell the property to developers.

The Smiths, who live in nearby Alpharetta, Georgia, declined to give any of their names.

“We’re not going to disclose the value of the property or how much the property is worth to the general public,” said Lisa Smith in an interview.

“We’re just not going in front of people, and we’re going to make a lot of money.”

The couple said they are looking to turn the property into a hotel and casino, but there’s no word yet on how much that might be.

The land has also been described as an “unclaimed piece of land” by the Georgia Lottery, according the Cobb-Giles County Lottery Commission.

But the Smiths have not given any details on the value or when they plan to sell the land, or if they plan on paying for it.

The Cobb-Georgia Lottery website does not include a list of potential purchasers for the property, but the Smith family said they would be willing to pay anywhere from $250,000 to $400,000 for the land they purchased.

The family said the land was once a popular vacation spot in the area.

“It was once an awesome vacation spot.

But that’s gone now,” said Jim Smith.