How to find the tax rate for your property in the state of Queensland

Property records show that the property tax in the Brisbane area is a whopping 17 per cent.

It’s the highest rate in Queensland.

Photo: Supplied Mr Hickey said he’s frustrated the rate hasn’t been brought down to the lowest rate in NSW.

“I’m sure they’d like to bring it down to 20 per cent or even lower, but we don’t have that option,” he said.

“It’s just not the easiest thing to do.”

Mr Hellyis has been the owner of several properties in the Queensland city since 2002.

He said he hasn’t seen any signs of the property taxes being brought down, and he’s not surprised by what’s happening in his own town.

Queensland’s property tax rate in 2018.

Source: Central Queensland Property Information Database “The property tax rates in Queensland are so high that they’re getting people’s money out of the state, that’s just ridiculous,” he told the ABC.

When the property was sold, the property manager didn’t pay a cent of the value of the house.

Mr Hittleis said he had already spent more than $5000 on the purchase of the home and now he’s had to buy a new car and buy an expensive new mobile phone.

“We’re paying the full amount, but it’s just a load off my shoulders now,” he added.

The property manager had previously told the council that the tax rates were the highest in Queensland, and Mr Hittie said he was surprised by the lack of communication from the council.

Councillor Peter Smith said council officials had made no indication that the rate had been brought under 20 per, and the council should be working with Mr Hiely to find a solution.

Mr Smith said he understood why the property owners were frustrated, but he thought council officials should be asking themselves why the rate has been so high.

He said there were three reasons why the rates in Brisbane were so high: 1.

The amount of the tax has increased since the year 2000.


The property is in the wrong zone of the city, and has been in the right zone for a long time.


The rate is too high.

“They have got to do something about it,” he advised.

In December, the council held a public meeting to hear community concerns about the property rates.

A number of residents expressed frustration with the high rate.

Council member Paul Smith said the council was listening to the community.

However, Mr Smith said there was no way council could raise the rate by 20 per per cent because it was already too high in the city.

Residents have been left wondering why the council is paying a property tax that is so high, he said, and that they have to live on the edge of the community to afford a flat.

At a recent meeting, Council Member Paul Smith and Councillor Richard Pugh were asked if they had concerns about increasing the rate.

They both agreed that it would be too difficult to do it on a one-off basis, he added, and it was more likely to cause an outcry from the community than the council would be able to respond to.

It’s not unusual for a council to raise property taxes, and Council Member Richard Pough said there had been cases where council had raised the rate for many years.

But Council Member Pugh said the increase in property taxes in Brisbane was “unacceptable” and the city was “living with the consequences” of the increase.

Local councillor Mark Young said the rate was “absolutely unacceptable” and council officials need to work with property owners to bring the rate down.

After the meeting, a spokesman for the council told the Brisbane Times the council had asked the Brisbane City Council for advice on how to address the problem.

Calls to the council went unanswered.

While some of the residents in Brisbane’s CBD have been surprised by how high the property costs are, Mr Hitte says they are well aware that property tax bills are rising.

This is why they have been getting rid of the expensive mobile phones, which they now can pay with their savings.

There is a lot of confusion about property taxes around Brisbane, he told

If the rate is so much higher in Brisbane than it was in the mid-1990s, then it should have been brought into line.

People are not being honest with the council about the true cost of their property, he argued.

I’m very frustrated because I can’t get the council to explain how the rate increases are calculated, because they have not done anything to get that straightened out.

“Property records show a total of 1,731 properties have been registered in Brisbane in 2017, and more than 1,000 properties have yet to be sold.

Property tax records show the property Tax rate in Brisbane is a staggering 17