How to find free or discounted tickets for the Colts vs. Jaguars game: Free or discounted?

Free or “affordable” tickets for games are still a rarity, especially for the NFL’s marquee event, the Super Bowl.

The most expensive tickets for a home game go for $9,000.

That means the cheapest ticket for a game in January at Arrowhead Stadium cost $8,500, according to the NFL.

In February at Levi’s Stadium, the cheapest seats at Levi (now called the Levi’s) cost $7,500.

It’s possible that some stadiums have higher prices for the same games, but not many, according the Associated Press.

Here’s what to look for.

What is a “free” or “discount” ticket?

In general, tickets for non-conference games cost the same as a ticket for the first game.

That doesn’t mean you’ll get a better deal on a free ticket, though.

The NFL allows teams to give away a portion of the game ticket prices in exchange for having the team play the other team, so a “discreet discount” or free ticket can work for a small group of people.

But most teams do this on the weekend.

Here are the types of tickets that teams sell at discounted prices: A “free ticket” for a weekend game: The cheapest ticket at an NFL stadium is a free “game-day” ticket.

The price is a small discount.

It is usually between $5 and $7.

This is the cheapest way to get into an NFL game.