Alabama property appraisers: No evidence of missing property

ALABAMA — The owners of a house on the Gulf Coast where police say a man was shot and killed are claiming the property has been sold without their knowledge.

The owners of the home on Highway 99 in Hillsborough County are claiming in court documents that they were unaware that the house was on the market when the FBI first searched the property last month.

It is the latest twist in a case that began with the police finding a bullet casing in a sinkhole on the property and an autopsy report showing a man died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The FBI said it was not looking for a motive.

Hillsborough County Coroner Dr. Steven R. Miller said the property is on the city of Hillsborough’s private property, and there is no indication the house has been listed for sale or for sale by the city.

Miller said there was no indication a house was ever being used as a residence and he believes the house is in foreclosure.

He said the house and the driveway were discovered to be empty on March 12.

Miller told a court he is confident no one is in the house.

The FBI is investigating the case, but it has not ruled out foul play, Miller said.

Miller’s office has not released the names of the two owners of Hillsboro Properties.

A public records request for the property’s ownership was denied by Hillsboro Property.

A spokesperson for Hillsboro said the company does not comment on individual properties, but would say that the property was listed in the property listing for the City of Hillsbourgh.