A huge mystery surrounding the unclaimed Indian land

Unclaimed Indian property worth $3 billion is in limbo after the owners failed to pay rent.

The Indian government, in the process of paying off debts, is holding the land and has been looking for owners for months.

The land has been lying empty since 2014, when the government declared it as unclaimed.

But there is a lot of property left in the area, and the government says it needs to sell it.

The owners are not willing to sell the land, so it is up to the Indian government to take it up.

What we know about Unclaimed Property in India:Read moreUnclaimed property in India is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of modern India.

It’s worth about $2 trillion and is believed to be held by around 1.5 million people.

The government of India has held on to most of it for decades.

In 2017, it sold a chunk of land for $7.4 billion to an investment group that bought it in 2013 for $3.7 billion.

But the land hasn’t been found, and when the Indian Government sold off most of the land for more than $4 billion, the government only sold off the land to private parties.

It is still waiting for someone to come forward with the money for it to be sold off.

The government has also said it would buy the land if it receives a tip-off from a “good source” that it has value.

But a spokesperson for the government said that would not happen because the land has never been found.

The situation is a bit perplexing given that India is a country of about 20 million people, but the country’s land registry website only lists about 10 million unclaimed properties.

The real number is probably closer to 30 million, according to The Economist.

The Unclaimed Lands Registry is an initiative of the Department of Planning, Urban Development and Environment.

Its official website says it is the government’s “pioneering effort to identify, catalogue and preserve the uncollected land, which are often held by local communities, and help them in the fight against poverty, hunger and land degradation.”

India is one country in which the government owns land, and many of its people don’t even know it.

But the Indian media is constantly reporting on unclaimed land, even when it’s held by government-owned entities, which is often to do with cases of corruption.