When you search ‘Wesley County’ in the county search, you get all the properties of the Wesley County, Florida, school district!

Wesley County is a small county in Florida’s Florida Keys that has a population of approximately 5,000 people.

In 2010, Wesley County School District (WCSD) acquired a total of 18,929 properties, which includes the homes of nearly 4,000 students and staff.

The property records show that the property owners, who were previously part of the WCSD, are now the sole owners of the properties.

According to the documents obtained by Breitbart News, the WESD acquired the properties through the sale of the company owned by the school district.

WESDs spokesperson Jason Gass told Breitbart News that the company, the school districts estate, is a partnership.

The company was purchased in August of 2017 and the partnership was established in February of 2018, Gass said.

Gass added that the partnership is not required to maintain the properties as part of its mission.

The WESDS website lists the Wesds properties on its website, listing them in “the following categories: school,family,community,property.”

Gass noted that the WFSD has been in business since 2012, and that they began to operate in 2014.

He said that the purchase of the assets did not change the WFSA’s mandate to “exclusively purchase the property of any local school district,” which was a standard practice in the early years of the program.

The school districts website states that the goal of the school board is to “build a sustainable and balanced school district.”

Gasses also said that since 2014, the partnership has been selling off the properties to private investors.

He explained that the sale did not create a conflict of interest.

“We are committed to the integrity of our community and to the preservation of the district assets,” Gass explained.

“Wesley school district and the students are in no way associated with the purchase or sale of these properties.”

The WFSDs website states, “The WESDA and WFSDCs mission is to provide high-quality public education to the community of Wesley County.

It is our hope that our relationship with the school will serve to help build a sustainable, balanced school system.”

The school district’s website states in the heading, “Wesds mission to build a healthy and safe community.”

A spokesman for the WPSD did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The spokesperson did note that the school system is in charge of the purchase and sale of property.

“The sale of this land does not result in a conflict or conflict of interests,” the spokesperson said.

“As the governing body of the county, the property has been administered by the county board for many years.

The board of trustees will have final authority over the sale.

There is no legal obligation to divest ownership.”

The spokesperson also noted that it was not possible to contact the current owners of these property.