How to protect property from Hurricane Florence

A storm surge warning has been issued for parts of New Jersey, but residents in some areas are being told to be cautious.

Key points:Storm surge warnings are in effect for parts on the Atlantic coastThe state’s National Guard says the warnings will be in place until 5 p.m.

ET, but some residents may not be advisedThe Atlantic Coast is expected to receive more than 10 inches of rain, and there is a high risk of flash flooding and landslides.

Residents in New Jersey and surrounding areas are advised to stay at least 500 feet (200 meters) away from flooded areas, and to keep vehicles in a parked position.

The National Guard has issued an emergency evacuation order for parts, including Camden, the city of New Brunswick and parts of the Atlantic Ocean.

In a statement, the Guard said the National Guard is currently deploying two additional teams in the Atlantic to assist with storm surge management.

“The hurricane surge warning is in effect until 5:00 p.mi.

ET until 6:00 a.m.,” the statement said.”

Residents in the areas of the counties of Camden, Brunswick, Bergen, Hudson, Jersey City, New Brunswick, Passaic and Passaic Valley, will need to stay in their homes and take precautions to avoid any flooding.”

The warnings will last until 5 pm ET, when they will be lifted, the statement added.

Officials say the storm surge warnings will only be in effect in the New Jersey state capitol until 5pm ET on Tuesday.

The Atlantic Ocean is expected for more than three inches of rainfall by Tuesday, the National Hurricane Center said.

A high risk is also posed by flash flooding in the region, and landslip risks.

Flooding is likely in parts of Bergen County, where the storm is expected at least two feet (1.5 meters) in height.

Flash flooding is a risk in parts near Camden and in parts in Passaic, according to the National Weather Service.