How Rose Quartz Properties Will Make Money After Their Next Major Sale

The latest news on the Rose Quartz properties that will be sold by a real estate company.


The Rose Quartz Apartment, San Diego, California The Rose’s new owner is looking to sell the two-bedroom, four-bath apartment in the heart of the heartland’s entertainment district for $3.75 million.

The apartment is situated in the historic “The Sunset” neighborhood, a popular neighborhood in the area.

It features an ocean view, and the kitchen and living area are large and spacious.

“The apartment is one of the few remaining homes in San Diego that has been completely restored,” a spokesperson for the company told ABC News.

The two-story, two-bathroom unit is on a 4,300-square-foot lot.

The property includes a two-car garage with an entry, a second carport, a small backyard with a swimming pool and a walk-in closet.

The unit has a “private kitchen,” which has “luxurious finishes” and a “furnished master bedroom,” the spokesperson said.

The kitchen has “a double-wide countertop, a stainless-steel countertop and a large ceramic countertop,” the statement added.

The bathroom has a shower and sink with a private toilet and an outdoor shower.

The condo also has a balcony overlooking a swimming area.

The owner hopes to sell for $1 million, according to ABC News, but could possibly raise that price to $1.25 million if the building sells for more than $1,000,000.


The Emerald City Apartment in the Westin Suites Hotel, Los Angeles, California Rose Quartz is currently in negotiations to sell an $836,000 home on a site in Westin, Los Feliz.

The listing comes after the company sold an $880,000 property in San Francisco for $2.6 million in July, according the Los Angeles Times.

The home, located at 955 N. Pacific Ave., is “designed for an upscale lifestyle with contemporary furnishings and amenities.”

It has a four-story home-style condominium with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a full kitchen, two bedrooms, two baths, a walk in closet and a king-sized living room.

“With the Emerald City, you get the luxury of having a private backyard, but you also get the privacy and the privacy of being able to live out of the city,” the company said.

“You get the ability to live the life you want in the city, not in a house you live in.”

The Emerald will be built on a 1,200-square foot lot, and it will be “available for sale for $5 million to $10 million.”

The home has an ocean front view with a pool, tennis court and a heated pool.

The interior has a pool with hot tub and spa, and a deck with a fire pit.


The Avalon Apartments in Los Angeles County, California Two-story condo on a 3,300 square foot lot in the Los Felises, California neighborhood.

The exterior of the home features an “an island, a large pool and views of Los Angeles Harbor,” the listing states.

The 3,500 square foot home has “dense carpeting and large ceilings and walls,” and it is located “in a unique neighborhood,” the Los Angles Times reported.

The lot is also “designed with a large rear porch and a rooftop deck for privacy and relaxation.”

The condo is listed for $6.25 per square foot, and there is “no security deposit.”

The interior features a “diverse kitchen, living area, living room, living loft, master bedroom, master bath, and master bath and king-size living room,” the website added.


The Rodeo Inn at the Hilton in Miami Beach, Florida The Roca, a condo located on a 900-square feet lot in Miami, Florida, is currently under construction.

The 4,600-squarefoot home features “an outdoor dining room and patio,” a “podium overlooking the bay and a two bedroom suite” and “a private patio with a full bath and an indoor shower.”

The property is “in the historic West End neighborhood and was designed by an award-winning architect who specializes in contemporary, contemporary design,” the Hilton said.

Its interior includes a full living area with “golf, volleyball, volleyball court and an open-air patio,” and “an entertaining kitchen.”

The exterior features “a large, modern staircase, a fully equipped dining room with a dining table and a fireplace, an expansive terrace and a private deck with an indoor pool and an enclosed swimming pool,” the property said.


The Lake House at the Westchester County Fairgrounds in New York City, New York The Lakehouse, a four bedroom, four bath condo, is on the ground floor of the Fairgrounds, New Castle County,