When to get rid of a car for free

It’s a common story in Canada that someone will take the car off the road, give it a few months, and then drive it to another place for a fee.

But in the case of car rental company Citrine, the owner of one of its rental properties in the GTA says she’s not sure what would happen if she didn’t.

Citee is currently looking for a home for its rental fleet in the Toronto area.

The company’s website has an ad for the property, which is a couple of kilometres north of Vaughan.

The ad says the home will be “open to the public.”

In the ad, the company says it’s interested in renting to people in need.

“If you are an average Canadian, we have a lot of money to give away.

We give away $3,000 per week to every person who comes to the site,” says the ad.

“We have a small team of staff, and they are not getting paid for what they do.”

According to Citees website, the property is listed as “open and accessible,” and that is an important distinction for renters.

“In the event of an emergency, we are not required to provide shelter, food, medical care, or other necessities for anyone who is in need,” the website says.

The site also states that a lease is required for any rentals, and says the owner must pay a minimum rent of $150 a month, but that a monthly rental payment is not required.

“Citee has a minimum rental payment of $750 a month and will provide the rental income for a maximum of six months,” the site says.

“You can cancel your lease anytime.

However, if you do not make the payment within 60 days, we will return the rental property to you.”

The ad also states the property can be rented for a monthly payment of between $300 and $500.

The property’s owners say they have been renting it out for about five months, which makes it one of the largest rental properties they’ve been able to find.

“I haven’t been able find anybody that has been renting their house for this much money,” says Citeee’s owner.

“This is what I have been paying for, and I’ve been paying a lot for this house.

So I am really frustrated.”

The owners say the property’s website is not updated regularly and that the company’s phone number is not active.

The owners are also concerned about the location of the property.

“A lot of people don’t have a place to stay,” says Berenice, who lives on the property next to the city’s Westdale Centre.

If I were to leave and take a car home, I would be renting it back to the people who have the money to pay for a new car.” “

There’s nothing in this house, and it’s a shame.

If I were to leave and take a car home, I would be renting it back to the people who have the money to pay for a new car.”

“It’s not a fair deal,” says Rachael.

“They’re paying a $300 deposit, and now they want to give me the car for $150.”

Rach, who is single, has lived in the house for four years.

She says it has been a great experience, and she is looking forward to her next lease.

“My boyfriend would have liked it to be a bit more, but I was in love with this place,” she says.