When Selenite Properties Reaches Out to ‘Selenite’ for Help, It’s Not About Taxation

A group of investors is stepping in to help the developer of a $1 billion condo project in San Francisco’s Mission District that was plagued by leaks and a lack of public outreach.

The developer, Selenites, is offering $150,000 to anyone who can identify the culprits responsible for the leaks and get them to the attention of city officials, the company announced Friday.

It’s the first step to a public-records request by the city and the company.

The company is also offering to donate a portion of its profits to the Mission.

The leaks started at the site of a planned high-rise apartment tower at the corner of Third and Mission streets in November and continued through December, when the building was under construction.

The leaks were caused by a faulty heating system that caused the floors to catch fire and then burn for more than two weeks.

The City’s Public Utilities Commission ordered the city to install a new system in January to deal with the problem.

It ordered another system last month to address leaks in the city’s main wastewater treatment plant.