What you need to know about the $4.5M rhombuses on the ground in Georgia

A Georgia man has been charged with trying to illegally take two rhombases worth nearly $4 million from the ground, and it’s not the first time the property has come under dispute.

The land in question is owned by a company called Rhombus Property Management, which has been in business for years and owns about half of the approximately 7,000 acres of land that are now owned by Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources.

In recent years, Georgia has been trying to acquire the land from Rhombuses, but that effort has failed, in part because of a legal dispute over ownership.

In a letter to the state, the property’s owner, Georgia businessman Richard “Randy” Cairns, wrote that he was not a member of the Rhombu family and said that “all of my business is legal and not related to Rhombas or rhombi, and that rhombu property is not the property of the state of Georgia.”

Cairn said that he has received a cease-and-desist order from Georgia’s attorney general, but it was not immediately clear if the property would be transferred.

The state, which is in charge of conserving the land, has been struggling to manage the land for decades.

In 2014, Georgia and Rhombaus had a bitter spat over the rhombuse’s land in Georgia, after the land was purchased by the city of Atlanta.

The property has since been managed by the Department of Transportation, which uses it for transit and other purposes.

According to the Georgia Department of Revenue, about $8.6 million in property taxes are owed to the Rhumbuses, with an additional $4,732,500 owed to a local nonprofit.

The department has been attempting to negotiate with Rhombuz for the last several years.

The Rhombuhans said that the property is currently under the control of the Department’s property manager, and they have had a contract with the property manager since 2014.

Georgia’s Attorney General said in a statement that he intends to pursue charges against Cairnas for violating the state’s wildlife laws and for taking the property without a license, as well as the use of the property.

Rhombum Property Management has not yet responded to ABC News’ request for comment.

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has been looking into the Rhombo’s land for years, but no action has been taken in the last few months, said Rhomburis spokesman David Aiken.

“We are still working to obtain the necessary permits and approvals to make sure that we can manage the rhombo land in the best interests of all stakeholders,” Aiken said.

“At this point, we are only in the process of getting the permits to allow us to begin to manage this land.”