Palmer House properties seized as federal agents raid

An array of Palmer House buildings has been seized as agents prepare to raid a mansion in the Palmetto state.

Palmer House Properties LLC was listed on the Florida real estate website REA as a “home” and its name is synonymous with Florida and the Sunshine State.

The mansion is on a small parcel in Lake Worth that is owned by the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office, but it was recently sold for $2.1 million.

A search warrant was issued Monday, according to the sheriff’s office, and agents found several properties including a home on the third floor of the house, which is located in a residential subdivision.

They also found property records that listed several other properties as belonging to the home.

The Sheriff’s Office said the property records indicated that the house belonged to one of the co-owners, a man named Steve Palmett.

The property was searched as part of an ongoing investigation into the disappearance of former Democratic Sen. Al Franken.

A sheriff’s deputy was injured in the incident.

Palmett’s attorney said the house was purchased with the intent to use it for personal use.

He said the home had been used as a residence for the family of a former member of Congress.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies have been on the hunt for Al Franken’s former wife, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The Palm Beach Post reported Monday that the FBI is also investigating the matter.