How to get a mortgage from a former Nassau property owner

By Michael S. Williamson, Washington Post Bureau EditorA New Jersey couple has been on a buying spree in Nassau County, but one of them is not getting much help from his former neighbor.

In the past few years, the Nassau resident who lives across the street from the family home, Brian P. Loehr, and his wife, Karen, have purchased about 1,600 acres in the Finger Lakes region of New York and New Jersey.

Brian Loehn, 65, bought the property in the town of Newington in March of this year.

The Loeshans’ are not related.

They live in a large, two-story home with a garden and swimming pool.

Brian Loehns is a retired U.S. Navy pilot, a former Army officer, a lawyer and a certified public accountant.

The property has two swimming pools, a small lake and two golf courses, among other amenities.

Karen Loehm, 70, owns a home on the same block where the Loeshs bought their property.

She has two children, ages 9 and 7, and lives in a different home on that block.

Brian and Karen Loehl have been working on buying another home in the county.

They’ve had offers, but Karen Luehn said the Loehs’ family was not happy about the price of the property.

They’re not willing to move to New York City, but they’re willing to get out of Nassau county, she said.

Brian’s attorney, Robert Molloy, told the Washington Post he was unaware of any foreclosure proceedings.

The newspaper reported that Brian Luehl, who has a state pension and benefits and has a job as a retired lieutenant colonel, could be eligible for a loan, although the exact amount has not been determined.

Brian is the last of the three owners of the Finger Lake property.

The others are Karen Loeshn, 70; David Loeht, 69; and Brian Lohr, 65.

Kathleen Loehhans declined to comment.

David Loehner, an attorney with the New Jersey State Attorney General’s office, said his office is aware of a pending foreclosure lawsuit in New Jersey filed by a family that bought a home near the LOHRs.

The family wants to recover money they paid to the Lohls for their Nassau home.

David and Karen loehn are registered real estate agents.

David Lohhns, who is the father of the couple’s 7-year-old son, David, told The Post in a phone interview that he did not know the Luehns had bought the Finger lakes property, but he said his father did.

Katherine Loehan said she is trying to work with the Loses to find a buyer for her family home.

The Loeshes bought the Nassauset property in 1997, and the home was later demolished and the LHns split up the proceeds.

The couple has a total of about 3,300 square feet, according to the online property database zillow.

The family has not yet moved into their new home, which is a little more than 1,000 square feet.

They have installed a garden, a pool and a gym.

Kathy Loehwans, a retired teacher, lives nearby and said she and her husband have been friends with Karen Lohhl for decades.

She said they are grateful for her help in selling the home.

Kirsten Kuehn, who owns the home where the family lives, said she has been helping Brian Loeshwans in his effort to buy his old home.

Kuehlen said she does not know how long it will take for the Lows to find another buyer.

She described Karen Luhlns as a good, good person.

Kuehlin said she met Karen LOHhns while working as a teacher at the Nassawas School for the Arts in New York.

She was an active member of the community and was a regular at the school, she added.

The school was one of the few that Karen Lohnes could go to, she recalled.

Kuhlen said Karen Lohlns’ efforts to buy the property were a good one.

She believes the family could have gotten a better deal by selling to a family who would have gotten the property for less than the market value.

Brian Kuehl said he hopes his son’s purchase will lead to the purchase of a home nearby, where he could move to with his family.

Brian Kuehs said he is willing to accept a loan from the LOhls, but if that happens he will move into his new home.