How a new $50 million property in Palm Beach will be valued

A new $75 million property on the Florida coast is being appraised by a Palm Beach property appraisor who said the property was not owned by him.

The property is located on a sandbar in Lake Worth and is being managed by a Florida-based company called Palm Beach Property Management LLC, which is based in the Orlando area.

Palm Beach property appraisal firm GSC Properties told ABC News that the property is “unclaimed” property and that “it is not the property of GSC.”

We’re not appraising the property and we’re not interested in the property,” said GSC Property Manager Matt Wyshak.”

The property belongs to the owner and the property has been appraised.

It’s just not ours.

“Palm Beach Property Management is owned by a former Palm Beach County commissioner who was appointed to the state’s highest judicial seat by Gov.

Rick Scott.

Wyshak told ABC affiliate WFTV that the owner of the property who is not named in the contract was not licensed to appraise properties in the state.

The Florida Association of Realtors says there is no licensing requirement for appraisers.