An economist says Trump should not pay for college

An economist from the University of Florida says President Donald Trump should stop paying for college.

In a piece for The Washington Times, Charles Murray argues that Trump’s tax policies would encourage students to default on their loans.

Murray, a professor of economics at the University at Albany, also argues that the President should stop subsidizing colleges that do not have enough money to educate their students.

The article says that the president could pay for his own tuition through the tax on corporate profits, which is being considered by the House of Representatives.

Murray also argues for a tax on capital gains, and a repeal of the estate tax.

President Trump has faced criticism for supporting the Keystone XL pipeline, but Murray argues he is not the problem.

“If he wants to get to his goal of raising revenues from oil companies, he can raise them through tax reform,” Murray wrote.

“If Trump wants to raise revenue from Wall Street investors, he will get more support from Republicans than Democrats.

Trump’s fiscal policies have generated massive deficits, while his tax policies have resulted in a surplus.”

The Times also reports that Murray has called Trump’s support for the Keystone pipeline “a terrible mistake” and has said he thinks the President’s tax proposals are a “danger to the economy.”